Justa’s Picks

I was born and raised in Slovakia, but in 1998 I decided to follow my dream and move to Canada instead of starting my work career as Wood Sciences and Technology Engineer. Not speaking English didn’t help and the beginnings in my dream country weren’t as easy as I hoped for. However it was the tough times that made me much stronger and hard worker. I seem to always follow my dreams and once they become reality I need a new one to work on to be truly happy. A few years later I ended up moving to Whistler, where I started my photography career. It took me a while to find the niche, but once I started to explore the great outdoors in Coast Mountains I knew my photography path will follow this new passion. Today I love to photograph the real life, life in motion. Whether it’s biking, canoeing, hiking or traveling into unknown places I have my camera ready to capture those beautiful moments. I strive to make dreams come true. Let me help you make yours a reality by choosing the right images for your business.

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